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About Us

32 years later
our story and our tissues are as fresh as new.

It all started back in 1992 when the Sun shone brightly over a sincere man in a small ordinary garage who had an extraordinary idea - to create world-class tissue products for India. A few admirers who also believed in the concept became our co-passengers in the journey to serve India with an honest product. Our facial tissues, paper napkins, kitchen rolls or bathroom rolls all of which are FSC certified may take just 2 seconds to use and throw, but the quality of each one of them will convey the limitless effort and hardship that went into making this brand a legacy of 30 years.




Mr Sumit Khanna, a man with sincere intent, started the journey of Beeta Tissues from New Delhi, India.





Six enthusiastic believers who had a similar vision joined our production line to create world-class quality paper products.



We took off with the Airline Industry, by collaborating with Modiluft, Oberoi Flight Kitchen, Radisson thereby secured Beeta’s indomitable presence in the market as one of the leaders in premium-quality paper products.





Lady luck smiled on him and he found a partner who worked tirelessly and together they set their hearts on creating India’s finest tissue paper products.






Our products became a preferred name in every household with a significant market share in India.

Growing With Us

enlivening journey

2000   Manufactured and offered Reusable Washable
           Kitchen Rolls for sale, for the first time in India.

2002   Commenced in-house printing on Paper Serviettes
            with over 150 designs to choose from.

2004    Started printing messages and brand identity on
           Toilet Rolls and Kitchen Rolls.

2010   Expanded manufacturing capabilities and
           began exports.

2011   Shifted to a new factory with a floor space of
           approx. 9000 sq feet.

2011   Featured in Tissue World, a bimonthly publication
           for all Tissue Manufacturers.


We became the most trusted tissue brand in Southern India with a significant share in the hearts of our customers.


The addition of four colour-printing machines into our production process brought a new palette of colours in our products, and created an identity for the brand making it the first coloured tissue product in India.


Our Mirasa, a one-of-kind ultra-premium tissue product that weaves our rich heritage into a refreshing piece of sanity, was launched in the market.


We logged-in to E-commerce with Mirasa Face Tissues and Mirasa Toilet Rolls to cater to the needs of dotcom boomers and the trendy millennials.

2018   A comprehensive selection of colorful napkins and rolls

2020    Launched first in India- Lint-free wipes

2021    Launched toilet roll holder

2022    Introduced eco-friendly paper napkins

We have had a memorable journey with products close to our hearts
and heart-warming stories from our customers.

Hope our products leave an indelible mark of premium quality and superiority in your day-to-day life.

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