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That's what we at Beeta Tissues swear by.
Our premium-quality paper products is an assurance
that we've earned over 28 years in the business
where we've touched upon many verticals without any discrepancies.
As a pioneer in tissue paper production, Beeta Tissues
has positioned itself to meet the ever-changing needs
of customers. Our facilities allow flexibility in pack
sizes and packaging materials.
This includes plastic packaging, hard cover packaging
has positioned itself to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers.
Our facilities allow flexibility in pack sizes and packaging materials,
which includes plastic packaging, hardcover packaging, and variable volumes.
We emphasize on the reliability of timely deliveries,
consistency of product material and value for money to develop your individual brand label.
We are proud to be a legacy with a production size
of approx 125,000 cases every year.
Beeta Tissues excels in the realm of being empathetic towards customer choices
and creates the best products that suffice customer’s needs with the utmost quality.

Create Your

own designs

Creativity is intelligence having fun!
Personalize your tissues with logos, images and visual treats.

We are known to create customized tissue paper with a wide range of colours,
, eccentric design and sizes. Ever feel like having your name or your identity on tissues?
You can write to us, and we'll make it possible. For details write to us at

Customised Tissue

paper rolls

Quirky printed rolls to create a distinct brand identity. Whether you are looking to print a few rolls for a gag gift or larger quantities for your business, company, or product, we look forward to working with you on your project.

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